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Relax in Tuscany with swimming pool





Comfort with Tuscany tradition





History in the heart of Tuscany





The care for the Tuscany style





A wonderful landscape





History in the heart of Tuscany





A wonderful landscape





"Il Monastero" (The Monastery)

In the hillside hamlet of San Pietro a Marcigliano, not far north of the city of Lucca, nestles The Monastery, a charming holiday house surrounded by olive groves and wine yards. This incomparable setting is a hidden part of Tuscany, timeless, unchanging and away from the tourist track. The construction of the Monastery, main building of the estate, goes back to the 1550s. In more recent times it was converted to an elegant family home, maintaining the architectural integrity of the original building. In the proximities you will also see many other ancient buildings that once were barns and houses for the workers.

The property belongs to the Mazzarosa family since 1792, and it has been passed on from generation to generation since then. The wine production was well known all around for centuries, and up to the 1970s the farm comprehended fruit groves, animals, haymows and bread-baskets. The winemaking continues nowadays along with the production of Extravirgin Olive Oil, as the best Tuscan tradition demands. During your stay you will be able to taste and buy our products and visit the old cellar, which has been renewed recently and is just on the ground floor of the main building.

"During my University studies I used to go prepare my exams in the quietness of San Pietro. I hope, if you decide to be our guests, that you can rest yourself and enjoy the exceptional landscape and views as my family did for centuries, and once you are back to work, have the same memories of the Monastery as the ones I have from the time of my studies."

Antonio Mazzarosa