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"Il Monastero" (The Monastery)


The area of Lucca and surroundings is very agreeable and rich of “treasures” to discover: many little villages with medieval churches, as well as beautiful Villas with enchanting gardens, contribute to create an atmosphere of forgotten times. In particular, the entire area of San Pietro a Marcigliano (where The Monastery resides), Segromigno, Valgiano and other villages nearby, was very popular among the wealthiest families of Lucca for the summertime season: thanks to the fresh air and lovely landscape, they chose to build here their summer residences (the villas we were mentioning before... a proof that your choice for a holiday in this area was an excellent pick!). Some villas are still lived in and can only be seen from the outside, but some are open for visits with their ancient gardens with camellias trees, palm trees and the others classic trees of the fashion of 18th century that are represented in many pictures and portraits! Check out http://en.capannori-terraditoscana.org/index.php/territory/the_villas.html for some history and information for independent visits, or go to http://www.lagiunchiglia.net/lang_en/index.php for guided tours (even downtown the City of Lucca).

For countryside lovers and excursions enthusiast there is plenty of choice! This area is famous for the routes and walking itineraries, above all the Via Francigena, the route of the famous religious pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome ( http://www.turismo.intoscana.it/site/en/via-francigena/ ). Choosing a path and walking to a destination offers many opportunities of discovering very nice places with little medieval churches or old farmhouses. For further information check out http://en.capannori-terraditoscana.org/index.php/other/downloads_tourist_material.html, you will find many opportunities for walks or mountain biking, even nearby The Monastery (just behind the buildings are woods that will bring you to the top of the Mountains Pizzorne, just be careful following the path!).

While being here, you can’t miss to visit to the old wine cellar Mazzarosa: it has a long history and is one of the most ancient structures of the area, just on the ground floor of The Monastery. The production of high quality Wine and excellent Olive Oil (for which the hills of Lucca are particularly famous and worldly renowned) continues today under the name of Azienda Agricola San Pietro, due to the small 12th century church you will find on your right while approaching The Monastery.

Other opportunities to spend your free time in the surroundings of Lucca:

And for many more opportunities all over Tuscany visit http://www.turismo.intoscana.it/site/en/

We hope you will enjoy your vacation at The Monastery!